Chapter Awards

The Society for Technical Communication recognizes excellence in technical communication and outstanding service with honors, awards, and competitions programs.

Communities are recognized for their contributions to the Society’s goal of providing high-quality programming, resources, and networking opportunities for technical communicators all over the world. Read more about the awards on the STC website

The Community Achievement Awards recognizes a community’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals  through a wide range of programs and activities. Annual global awards include 1 Community of the Year, 1 Most Improved Community, and Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. 

The Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives. 

The Rochester Chapter continues to strive to provide our members with a great experience, educational and networking opportunities, and more. Be a part of continuing this tradition by volunteering your time in a leadership position


Current year awards


Community of the Year, Platinum Community, Pacesetter

2019 Community of the Year Award
For a remarkable year containing excellent programs, outreach across communities, and your stellar Spectrum conference. STC Rochester exemplifies a successful, dynamic STC community that embraces education, communication, and collaboration."
2019 Platinum Community Award
"For your continued excellence in programs, outreach, and the annual Spectrum conference."
2019 Pacesetter Award
"For use of technology to cross long distance barriers, in a time when STC communities are covering larger geographical areas."

Prior year awards


Platinum Community, Pacesetter


Platinum Community, Pacesetter


Platinum Community, Community of the Year


Platinum Community, Pacesetter


Community of Excellence


Community of Distinction, Community of the Year


Community of Excellence


Community of Excellence, Pacesetter


Community of Excellence, Pacesetter