Leadership Opportunities

The Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication continues to be an active and innovative presence for technical communicators. We invite you to volunteer by being part of the chapter leadership. We have many positions available on the chapter council each year. Serving on the council offers great opportunities to build leadership skills, expand your network, and contribute to the development of our profession through service. 

Learn more about the benefits of volunteering: Why Volunteering Can Boost Your Career (Capella University) and read the detailed position descriptions below. If you’re interested in any of these elected or appointed positions, or if you have questions, contact the chapter president at president@stc-rochester.org. Volunteering in a leadership position is an excellent opportunity to add to your portfolio and to network with other tech comm professionals. 

See who is volunteering on the Council this year and learn about about individual awards earned by leadership volunteers. Not ready to be a Council member? Consider being a mentor.

"I believe that the degree of satisfaction you gain from involvement in a professional organization is directly related to the depth of your involvement. One of the most rewarding ways to serve is in leadership."
Ben Woelk
Ben Woelk
STC Leader

Elected positions

Chapter members elect leaders for these positions each spring. Each elected leader serves a one-year term. 

Provides overall leadership for the chapter. 

  • Exercise general supervision over the affairs of the chapter. 
  • Preside at council meetings and annual chapter business meeting.
  • Appoint heads of chapter committees. (See Appointed Positions)
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all chapter committees. 
  • Set monthly council meeting dates. 
  • Prepare council meeting agendas and distribute them to all council members. 
  • Maintain active engagement with Society level initiatives, and share appropriate content with the council. 
  • Represent STC at any appropriate business community activities. 
  • Act as the official representative of STC Rochester to the Society and to external entities. 
  •  Promote member engagement, volunteering, and recognition.
  • Select recipient of the Carl E. Klug President’s Award. With the assistance of the council, also select recipients of the Barbara Knight Award and Rookie of the Year Award. Present awards at the Spectrum annual conference. 
  • Assist the vice presidents with any issues regarding the Spectrum annual conference. 
  • After elections, submit names of newly elected officers to the STC office. 
  • Becomes Immediate Past President following term as President. 

Manages the annual Spectrum conference. 

  • Assume the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president, and perform such duties as the president or the council may assign.
  • With the co-vice president, chair the Spectrum annual conference committee, which includes these responsibilities:
    • Determine scope of conference: one vs. two days, date, number of simultaneous program tracks, extent of mailings and promotions, prestige level of keynote speaker.
    • Book the conference site, and confirm financial, hospitality, and social events arrangements.
    • Recruit and organize volunteers.
    • Work with committees to delegate activities such as registration, program, speaker arrangements, vendor exhibits, printed programs, hospitality, and publicity.
    • Update descriptions of committee member responsibilities as needed, and distribute to all volunteers.
    • Solicit speakers in a fair and open manner. Create a Call for Proposals that identifies the conference theme, presentation format options, and suggested topic types. Distribute the Call for Proposals to relevant mailing lists and post on the chapter website.
    • Ensure that the final program is a balanced mix of topics with a broad-based group of presenters from various backgrounds and employers.
    • Manage the financial aspects of the conference and report financial data to the council.
    • Monitor expenses and encourage sufficient revenue (from registrations and vendor payments) so that costs and revenues break even.
    • Adhere to all STC and IRS guidelines regarding conference financial transactions. Make sure that committee managers use the proper forms to submit expense reimbursements.
    • Deliver the annual financial report for the conference to the chapter treasurer.
    • Tabulate speaker evaluations and send thank-you notes after the conference.

Manages the chapter’s financial transactions and promotes responsible stewardship of chapter funds. 

  • Maintain books and financial records so they can be inspected at any time.
  • Manage bank accounts and deposit chapter funds in any bank or savings and loan institution that is a member of the FDIC.
  • With the assistance of the chapter president and council, prepare a budget each year and present it to the council for approval in September.
  • Prepare year-end Financial Report for submission to STC International, following the requirements defined to meet the IRS regulations.
  • Review all signed contracts involving chapter activities, such as those provided by event locations, caterers, and hotels.
  • Conduct an informal audit of chapter records, as needed.
  • Coordinate a meeting with the chapter president and immediate past president to sign bank signature cards.
  • File required tax and informational returns.

Records and distributes the minutes of council meetings. 

  • Record minutes of council meetings and the annual business meeting. Include action items, decisions, and Society news as provided by council members and chapter president.
  • Send draft of minutes to the chapter president for review.
  • Distribute copies of the approved minutes to council members and save a copy in the digital archive.
  • Assists other council members as needed. 

Coordinates publicity and logistics for regular chapter programs and special events. 

  • Maintain yearly schedule of program meetings, including date, speakers, and locations.
  • Recruit speakers on topics of interest to members.
  • Arrange for meeting locations and refreshments.
  • Coordinate planning and reservation details.
  • Coordinate advance publicity with the PR/Marketing Manager.
  • Coordinate budgeting with treasurer.
  • Write thank-you notes to program speakers and volunteers.

Works with the program manager and other chapter leaders to develop educational programs and establish scholarships.

  • Organize and conduct the Heritage Award in Honor of Edline Chun technical communication competition for area college students, and work with the program manager to arrange the awards dinner held each May.
  • Publicize educational and professional development opportunities such as communication courses and surveys related to education and training.
  • Review books about education in technical communication for the chapter newsletter as well as STC’s’ Intercom and Technical Communication publications.
  • Serve as a liaison with STC student chapters affiliated with area colleges and universities.

Leads membership recruitment and renewal initiatives.

  • Report membership status to the council.
  • Welcome new members, via email when they join, and in person at chapter events.
  • Provide membership materials from STC for the registration table at the monthly chapter meetings.
  • Provide membership materials and support to individuals upon request.
  • Run the membership drive between September and November to attract to attract new members and encourage renewals.
  • Check the Community Reports on the STC website to verify that the chapter membership list is current and to identify cancelled members.
  • Check the Community Reports for members who did not renew in February and encourage them to renew their membership.
  • Send membership-related announcements, such as renewal deadlines and membership incentives.

Works on chapter initiatives as outlined by the chapter president and council. 

Appointed positions

The following positions are appointed by the chapter president after chapter elections.

Maintains the chapter website. 

  • Post information about monthly programs, conferences, and general chapter news.
  • Monitor and approve comments submitted for site postings.
  • Respond to questions or comments about site content, links, or technical issues with the site.
  • Researches tools and resources to improve the usability and reliability of the site.
  • Check security logs and transaction logs to ensure system is secure, is running well, and that access times are reasonable.
  • Perform periodic link checks to make sure external links are still valid.
  • Create new web pages or change existing ones to keep content current and generate reader interest.
  • Add and update sponsor information as needed.
  • Update site navigation as needed.
  • Encourage chapter members to submit content to the site.
  • Back up files from the website to a local directory for instant recovery in case of problems.
  • Update website themes, style sheets, and plug-ins as needed.
  • Performs troubleshooting and problem resolution as needed. 
  • Work with the web hosting service to resolve problems with the site and maintain good performance.

Leads all activities related to the chapter’s participation in the annual regional technical communication competition in collaboration with the regional competition team.

  • Manage the competition budget.
  • Develop and distribute the Call for Entries.
  • Recruit judges and arrange for their training.
  • Accept and log incoming entries.
  • Make arrangements for the consensus judging session.
  • Gather judges’ comments for each entry, and send the comments and award level information to submitters.
  • Forward qualifying entries for STC International Summit Awards.
  • Present awards at awards ceremony, which is held as part of the Spectrum annual conference.

Enhances name recognition of chapter in the business and technical communication communities. 

  • Increase business and public recognition of the chapter and the Society.
  • Promote and publicize the Spectrum annual conference.
  • Establish a liaison with other STC chapters and branches of other professional organizations.
  • Maintain contact lists for area media, local businesses, professional associations, and colleges and universities.
  • Offer opportunities for member participation in community outreach or volunteer activities.
  • Promote and publicize the chapter using social media.

 Supports efforts of chapter members to find career development opportunities by: 

  • Investigate job opportunities on the Internet.
  • Publicize job leads (positions, job fairs, other employment resources) by posting on the chapter website.
  • Serve as a contact for notices about positions or inquiries about employment in our area on a continuous basis.
  • As time permits, develop contacts among employers.

Manages the mentoring program. 

  • Develop and administer the chapter mentoring program.
  • Encourage chapter members to register for the STC Mentor Board
  • Build relationships with academic departments offering coursework in technical communication-related disciplines.

Serves as the Nomination Committee chair. 

  • Works with the council to recruit candidates for leadership positions. 
  • Review candidate qualifications and availability.
  • Manage the chapter election process.
    • Select candidates and prepare a ballot.
    • Publicize the election. 
    • Distribute the slate of candidates and ballots to chapter members.
    • Count and record votes.
  • Announce election results to the chapter membership.
  • Give the chapter treasurer the names and addresses of elected officers for inclusion in the chapter’s financial report to the Society.
  • Assists the council in other ways as needed.