President's Prose, September, 2019

Kelly Schrankby Kelly Schrank
It’s back-to-school time, which means our break as Council members is also over. We wrap up the 2018-2019 year after our Crossover Meeting in June, then we pick things back up in September with a retreat to plan the next year. 2019-2020, here we come!
Our retreat this year is September 14, and we plan to discuss programs, Spectrum, revisions ot our bylaws, how we can provide more value to our members, and how to prepare ourselves for another banner year as an STC chapter. We have many returning members but also new members of Council, which is always exciting. We still need one essential member of the Council, a PR and Marketing Manager, and we always need volunteers for Spectrum, so please let me know if you’re interested in getting involved this year.
If you recall, we were Community of the Year last year and a Platinum Award-winning chapter, and this takes a lot of effort. If you’d like to volunteer, there is still room on the Council or in committees to help us get things done and put some leadership activities on your resume, or add social media content to your portfolio. Let any member of Council know you are interested in helping! And be sure to support our Programs by attending events and Spectrum by putting in a proposal or attending!