Resource Reviews, September 2018: Changing Professional Education

Proof SheetA newspaper reports that companies are offering apprenticeships in professional areas. Rochester chapter president Kelly Schrank commented on LinkedIn that students in Germany can find apprenticeships in technical writing. In the US we have internships, which provide a less in depth experience than apprenticeships. Challenges in developing apprenticeships include the investment required to provide a program for the limited labor force any one company needs, reluctance of students to seek education outside of colleges and universities, finding the right role for higher education, and determining how students may get academic credit for apprenticeships.
A student posted a request for feedback on a work sample in the Information Architecture Institute group on LinkedIn. The work sample is an excellent model for showing one’s work, as well as a useful presentation of a user experience analysis.
Journalists report that social media is changing the college experience. A professor at Ohio State takes attendance on Twitter, posts assignments on Slack, and holds office hours via Zoom video conference at 10 PM, having found that is when students have questions. This professor uses email only to teach students how to write optimal email messages. Ohio State issued iPads to incoming students in 2017; the device was required for 42 courses. Ohio State also planned an app for students to use to plan and schedule courses and check their grades, with campus maps and bus routes for quick reference.
Tom Johnson suggests that the web, being optimized for blogs where content is created quickly and gets immediate attention through social media, contributes to relative invisibility for other forms of content including scholarly articles. Are we paying more attention to professional publications including peer-reviewed journals than we realize, with so much of our attention focused on the web from day to day?