STC Rochester Recognized as Platinum Community

2018 Platinum Community AwardThe STC Rochester chapter has won the Platinum Community Achievement Award for activities in 2017. The citation on the certificate will read “In recognition of your community’s continuing investment in volunteers, students, and members, and for demonstrating dedication to the Society and our profession through inspired leadership and outreach.”
The Rochester Chapter will be recognized during the Leadership Program (on Sunday, May 20) at the 2018 Summit in Orlando, FL. At that time, the chapter will receive a CAA certificate.
Notification from the Community Achievement Award committee included these comments: “As one of the most consistent and active communities in the CAA process, your community had another year filled with many activities. Awesome job, again. Thank you for breaking out the scores so we could see where you assigned points – that helps the evaluator immensely. I also think Slack and Sched are great tools, glad to see you use them. The CAAEC hopes that your community will continue to aspire to a high level with a set of impressive initiatives and activities next year. Congratulations to all members of the Rochester chapter.
Thank you to all the volunteers for the work that led to winning this award, and to Ben Woelk for leading the effort to assemble the application.