STC Rochester Wins 2018 Pacesetter Award

2018 Pacesetter AwardThe STC Rochester Chapter has won a 2018 Pacesetter Award for innovation in the past year. The award will be presented during the Leadership Program on Sunday, May 20, at the 2018 STC Summit. The certificate will read

For your continued embracement of new technologies, such as Slack and SCHED, to help STC communities share programming with each other, and to assist communities in planning and managing activities more efficiently.

STC’s Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives. Unlike STC’s other Community Achievement awards, which recognize communities for consistent strength in many varied activities, the Pacesetter Award recognizes the successful implementation of a single beneficial innovation that may be implemented by other STC communities.
Thank you to everyone who worked on the initiatives that led to winning the Pacesetter Award. The Rochester Chapter has also won a Platinum Community Achievement Award for activities in the last year.